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PixelToVoxel - Draw in 2D. Share a 3D model. - App Store Link

PixelToVoxel - Draw in 2D. Share a 3D model.

Turn 2D Pixel Art into a 3D Model.

Draw 2D Pixel Art and let PixelToVoxel instantly create a 3D model on your phone. Share the 3D model with your friends in the Augmented Reality ready USDZ file format or send it to your computer to use in a 3D scene of your own in either USD or USDZ format.

Use the simple user interface to select a colour, tap on Pixels to fill them in and create your own 10-bit Pixel Art designs then instantly see them in 3D right on your phone. You can use your fingers to rotate the 3D model and zoom in.

New: You can now share your 2D Pixel Artwork from the new file manager (long press on a file) and create multiple Pixel Art images right in PixelToVoxel.

App Store Link [Direct]

PixelToVoxel - Draw in 2D. Share a 3D model. - Turn 2D Pixel Art into a 3D Model.

What’s new in v1.1 update?:
* PixelToVoxel now supports multiple files.
* Added sample files for you to use or modify.
* Added file management features.
* Long press on a file for options.
* Create a new file or duplicate your own Pixel Art to iterate.
* Added preview icons are created automatically.
* Added ability to share 2D Pixel Art.
* Added USD as a 3D export option along side USDZ.
* Exported 3D file now has named objects.
* User interface updates throughout the app.

PixelToVoxel Features

Easy to use interface.
PixelToVoxel now supports multiple files.
Built-in sample images ready to use.
File gallery.
User settings screen.

=== 2D Features ===
10 x 10 Pixel Art grids (10-bit).
Tap once to create a pixel.
Long tap to erase a pixel.
31 built-in colours.
Share/export your 2D Pixel Art.

=== 3D Features ===
Instant 3D live preview with rotation and zoom.
Instantly share/export the 3D model as a USD/USDZ AR-Ready 3D file.
Choose if voxel chamfer should be on or off.

USDZ to DAE for Blender
The banner image above was created in Blender 2.92 using assets shared from PixelToVoxel.
The USD/Z exports were AirDropped from iPhone to macOS and opened in Xcode. Then exported to DAE format and imported into Blender to be rendered.

App Store Link [Direct]

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